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Can Food be Art?
Can art be Food?
The answer is OUI!!

The story of art and the story of food are in fact intertwined. Both became sophisticated at the same time, during the middle ages. Art takes components and creates from them. Music creates emotion from notes. Sculpture creates visuals from stone. Cooking creates taste from food.

There's science behind cooking just as there's science behind music but the culinary artist can create multiple tastes from the same foods just as the musician can create multiple melodies from the same notes.

At Chateau' we are a creative company with over 20-years experience in gastronomy & events.
We love to mix Cuisine & any other Art.

We are Chefs, we are story tellers, we are dream weavers & believers.

See below our next Chateau' event(s)

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Some of the many musical highlights include operatic arias O Mio Babbino Caro, selections of Spring and Autumn from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, selections from "Amelie" and "Cinema Paradiso."

Composers: Music from Debussy, Ravel, Puccini, Piazolla, Verdi and more!

Some to mention: Bizet's Habanera from Carmen




- NZ King salmon tartare, buffalo mozzarella, citron sauce, herbes & huile vegetale

- Burrata avocado caprese salad, virgin olive oil (vegetarian option)


- Beef Cheeks from my hometown, pinot noir sauce, piccolo potatoes
- Salmon fillet, celeriac puree, legumes de saison


- Pesto gnocchis, vine tomatoes, mozzarella & almonds (vegetarian option)


Basil & Coconut Panacotta, black olives caramel

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