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Dish Cult - Best French Cafe in Auckland

March 1st, 2022: One of the city’s most authentic French cafés and Devonport’s best-kept secrets is Chateaubriant. The neighbourhood épicerie-deli-café-charcuterie is unique in every way and a beloved location of locals and visitors. Satisfy your French food cravings with genuine crêpes sprinkled with sugar, French fennel hotdogs, Chausson aux Pommes, croissant pudding, and so much more. Chateaubriant makes its bread fresh every day; the smell alone is enough to get your stomach rumbling, from la baguettes, le tradi, le sourdough and le whole grain. If you love Chateaubriant as much as we do, you can buy supplies in-store and remake your favourite dishes at home.

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